“My dress selection was easy with the friendly and helpful staff.” – Lisa B.

Jeanne Fairchild

Atlas Team Since 1982

At the helm of our operations, Jeanne infuses every facet with her passion for creating cherished moments for brides. Her influence extends beyond the shop floor; she stands as a guiding beacon for her team and continually gives back within our community.

Tiffany Strock
Operations Supervisor

Atlas Team Since 1998

Infused with a love of sparkle that mirrors her passion for business, Tiffany is the force behind our seamless backroom operations. Beyond the core operations, she also masterfully manages our prom store Blue by Atlas Bridal.

Jo Hafner
Lead Alterations Specialist

Atlas Team Since 1977

Boasting over four decades of mastery in bridal alterations, Jo is the heart and soul of our alterations department. Her dedication doesn’t end with perfecting each gown; she’s also committed to mentoring and shaping the talents of our alterations team.

Angie Gioiella
Business Development Coordinator

Atlas Team Since 2022

With a knack for perfection, Angie spearheads our business development, tirelessly working to elevate every bride’s experience. She is a genius at executing our events and she actively forges valuable connections with wedding vendors.

Candy David
Lead Bridal Stylist

Atlas Team Since 2011

Our lead Bridal Stylist Candy, has a unique gift of touching the heart of every bride she assists. Beyond her personal magic, she invests time mentoring our team, elevating the craft of every stylist under her wing.

Erin Adams
Master Bridal Stylist

Atlas Team Since 2018

With a knack for turning dreams into reality, Erin is a master of her craft. Her genuine passion shines through every time, making sure each bride gets a touch of magic at their appointment.

Nataly McPheron
Alterations Specialist

Atlas Team Since 2018

With years of experience and a magic touch, Nataly’s a huge part of what makes our alterations team shine and every dress fit like a dream.

Cate Korsnack
Social Media/Bridal Stylist

Atlas Team Since 2020

A digital dynamo and a TikTok superstar, Cate not only elevates our social media presence but also serves as a trusted Stylist to our brides.

Alaina Nuti
Bridal Stylist

Atlas Team Since 2021

Epitomizing dedication and warmth, Alaina is more than just a Bridal Stylist; she’s an advocate for every bride’s dream vision.

Dana Kleman
Tuxedo Lead/Bridal Stylist

Atlas Team Since 2022

Dedicated to making sure every groom looks sharp and every bride looks exquisite, Dana stands out as our Tuxedo Specialist and Bridal Stylist.

Jessica Austin
Bridal Stylist

Atlas Team Since 2022

Blending an innate sense of style with a deep understanding of the bride’s emotions, Jessica offers more than just expert advice. She guides and supports her brides making their appointment a memorable chapter in their bridal story.

Kelly Koziarski
Bridal Stylist/Prom Lead

Atlas Team Since 2022

Kelly brings a splash of fun to every appointment! Her bubbly personality makes every appointment feel like a celebration!